The EASY SOFTWARE team manages implementation and assumes full responsibility for all activities- from inception and planning to final launch.



Once an order has been placed, project objectives are established, the scope is defined, and responsible parties and deliverables are identified.


A meeting will be set up between the Project Manager and all responsible parties. Collaboration begins to prepare a project management plan specifically structured for your solution.  To be sure your business requirements are met proposed scope, solution, design and  deliverables are validated with you.


Engineers thoroughly test the system using established installation test procedures. Upon testing completion, time will be provided with your organization for training and consulting according to the defined project scope.

Monitor and Control:

The process of tracking, reviewing, risk reporting, and regulating the progress to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan will be communicated and documented with all stakeholders throughout the project.


The Project Manager reviews the entire project with you to confirm that  all deliverables have been met. A detailed report documents precisely the system's configuration. The Project Manager then hands the project over to you and the support team who will assume production management.
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