EASY SOFTWARE offers you all the services you need for implementing our contract management software – from consulting, planning and implementation of custom projects to in-depth contract software training and the delelopment custom add-ons and enhancements.

Comprehensive support for projects

Implementing contract management projects is one of our specialties. Use our experience in contract management software to your advantage at every stage of your project – from the initial kick-off meeting and the start of software implementation to the expansion of the productive system.

Training for users and administrators

Having qualified users is an important factor for a successful project launch when implementing new software. Our consultants share their extensive knowledge about contract management and offer you support in training users – from moderated group sessions to in-depth one-on-one training. Every EASY CONTRACT installation is custom tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Custom add-ons and enhancements

EASY SOFTWARE offers  support in implementing targeted expansions or enhancements to the range of functions so that the software satisfies all of your wishes and requirements. Whether you need assistance with simple configuration settings or complex programming tasks, we help you create the best contract management solution tailored specifically for use in your enterprise.
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