EASY CONTRACT's range of functions can be expanded with useful add-ons and standardized interfaces. The software easily integrates into your existing IT landscape.

Processes and workflows for digital contract files

Define release procedures for contracts as processes and make it dependent on decisions or simply check contract data after entry. Users can put together a multi-stage recipient list and model workflows graphically.

Import contract data from other applications

Administer contact master data from business partners, and  affiliated companies. Data, often available from other applications and can be imported and harmonized  into the CONTRACT database on a regular basis.

Attach subsequent documents to contracts

To create a complete contract history with all correspondence simply forward e-mails, documents and attachments that are relevant to existing contracts. The content of the e-mails and file attachments are all automatically archived.

Import contract documents in file formats

Existing contracts in digital file formats (e.g. PDF or TIFF files) can be added to the files in the contract database via a monitored drive or folder. Store your existing contract files in a directory –  allocate to the master agreements.

Scan and archive contracts

Additional documents can be scanned into existing contracts. The scanned contracts are allocated to the digital master agreements and archived. At the same time, they give all users access to a current, uniform contract version.

Single sign on  with LDAP

EASY CONTRACT has a separate user administration system but has the option of synchronizing user login data and authorizations from a central directory service to allow for convenient single sign-on.

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