The software not only helps you with simple contract administration tasks, it also actively supports you in contract controlling: EASY CONTRACT effectively monitors deadlines, important dates and creates detailed reports.

Deadline monitoring

The monitor keeps track of all deadlines to ensure compliance within all contractual periods. All events and possible actions related to the contracts are automatically monitored. Whether a contractual period is coming to an end, a termination option can be used or an extension is coming up – EASY CONTRACT keeps the responsible users informed.

Monitor contractual payments

All revenue and financial liabilities are entered and immediately allocated to the respective contracts in EASY CONTRACT. All contractual payments can be shown in graphs and tables, evaluated and exported as Excel workbooks. Reports provide an instant overview of contract-related finances. Monitor budget compliance, create forecasts for future trends or calculate statements of outstanding debt.

Customized evaluations and reports

EASY CONTRACT's business intelligence solution can be used to access and generate customized evaluations, and to condense and arrange data per the needs of individual users. Contract evaluations are created in your corporate design. Reporting charts can automatically be generated and emailed.

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