EASY CONTRACT's administration is simple and allows you to securely manage and store your contracts with audit-compliant archiving. The user interface can be customized and new features can be added at any time to meet your specific requirements.

Full-text searches

Extensive full-text search functions provide quick and easy access to all contract database content. Content is automatically captured and indexed (OCR) during upload into the contract software.

Audit-compliant archiving

In addition to all contract documents and other important files such as addenda, revised versions or notices, and cancelations are archived for compliance. The contract archive also flags different versions or contract statuses and creates a contract history in chronological order.

Customizable user access

EASY CONTRACT employs a sophisticated approach to authorization and user access. Customizable to fit specific scenarios – from a very pragmatic approach to complex access control.

Multiple companies in one system

Storage of contracts in the contract archive can also take place based on organizational hierarchies and corporate structures. Allocation of contracts according to a company’s organizational structure is not just an effective storage strategy, it also enables a parallel authorization structure to make access to all contracts in the contract database visible.

System scalability

EASY CONTRACT is completely scalable based on organizational size. You can expand contract administration by adding optional reporting or controlling extensions, LDAP integration, ERP integration or workflow control. You can even enhance these extensions with custom programming services. This concept offers nearly unlimited possibilities for flexible adaptation.

Data encryption

Storage of contracts and -related documents is secure and takes place at  the storage location of an organization's choice. All files are stored with 256-bit encryption (AES process) for effective protection against unauthorized access.

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